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At the Advanced Skin Clinic, the overriding philosophy is in achieving long term visible results.
Through in depth, individual skin analysis, personalised treatment programmes including dietary and home care advice, your goals become our success.

Sue Guild, who personally delivers the bespoke treatment plans is driven by her years of experience and training in conjunction with her enthusiasm and passion for delivering the results her clients are seeking.

Products and treatments offered are the most up-to-date and many are at the cutting edge of skin treatment & skin rejuvenation. Prices are competitive and reduced course prices offer affordable options for everyone.

Seeing is believing

Sue believes results always speak volumes and has a large number of testimonials from her many clients, and most of her client base is through recommendation and referral.

Sue has established complementary links to other professionals to whom she is confident can offer clients a very similar, friendly bespoke service.
- Consultant plastic surgeon based in a private Chelmsford hospital who offers injectable fillers and botox as well as surgical procedures. If interested please ask for a referral.

For tightening, lifting and plumping
Advanced skin peels & resurfacing
From the very mild lactic & enzyme peels to the more powerful TCA, Jessners and Salicilic, there is a treatment suitable for most skins and ages. Treats: Hyperpygmentation, Acne, post inflamatory scarring, lines and wrinkles
LED Blue/Red light (photodynamic therapy
This non-invasive safe, gentle but deeply penetrating treatment offers a range of different affects for Rasacea, Acne, Photodamage and rejuvination. A great addition to enhance the effects of most other treatments such as peels, demaroller etc
Dermapure Roller System
This effective microneedling treatment stimulates at teh skins deeper levels (& allows greater penetration of treatment products by 3000%) With visible results very quickly observed. Can be home use only or both in-clinic & home use.

A mechanised 'roller' system offering fast, focused treatment that, due to its speed and mode of application, is more comfortable than the traditional roller system
Electrolysis and Advanced Electrolysis
The only 'permanent' method of hair removal.
Also red veins and skin tagscan be treated.